Here's the thing. But it’s not your ordinary kind of thing.


This thing’s got another thing to it. You can do things in it, make things in it, be things in it.

The rules for what you do in it are only written by you.
It’s a mens thing. And a women's thing.

It’s a thing that’s made well, with love, and originality.
With quality fabrics details that surprise.
The type of thing you hold on too.
Since 2012, these are the things we create.

This is the story about our thing.

It’s how a strange thing and a beautiful thing – became a thing.

How a mens thing and a women's thing, emerged as Thing Thing.

A thing to do things in, make things in, and be things in. A thing that comes from a place called Aotearoa New Zealand, at the bottom of this thing called earth. A thing that is simple yet expressive. A thing using quality fabrics, unique shapes and unexpected details, to make things that surprise and delight. It’s a thing that’s made well, with love, and originality. A thing that began in 2012, and has made things ever since.

It’s us doing our thing, so that people can do theirs.

It’s a thing that’s a little different, so we call it Thing Thing.

Thing Thing can be found stocked in retailers across New Zealand.

Thing Thing is owned by Anna & Patrick Shone. and is part of a collection of brands Rose RoadHomelee and The Goodnight Society.